The MSL Platform

MSL’s platform combines robust software-as-a-service, delivered with the flexibility
of a cloud-native application, and infused with decades of payments expertise.

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For issuers

Discover our innovative, cloud-native solutions for issuing institutions.

Plug-and-play API

  • MSL’s RESTful API offers a smooth integration experience.
  • Best-in-class documentation.
  • Test-drive the MSL platform in our Sandbox.
  • To request access, email

Spend Control

  • MSL’s Spend Control offers real-time, API-driven flexibility.
  • Define rules at any level of the account hierarchy.
  • Provide additional security features to banks, issuers, programme managers and end users.

Transaction Matrix

The Transaction Matrix is the beating heart of MSL’s platform. It collates and synthesises internal and external data streams to weigh transactions and assess the likelihood of fraud or compromised cards and accounts.

MSL’s Transaction Matrix takes just milliseconds and delivers real-time authorisation decisions. It keeps issuers informed and safe from regulatory concerns while maintaining customer security.

MSL’s Transaction Matrix is available as a backend portal or via our API.

DNA Data Lake

MSL’s DNA Data Lake is the single source of truth for all the transactions that pass through our platform. It maintains a complete transaction history and client and regulatory reports available for issuers, programme managers, and customers.

DNA Data Lake helps issuers save by removing the need to store and manage data. It provides all the information that an issuer or programme manager needs.

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